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To see everyone gain some knowledge, understanding and appreciation of artiscience, and for every community to contain some individuals educated in artiscience to a high degree in order to serve others.

Artiscience is  defined as : --

artiscience ar'tisiəns: n., 1. the theory and practice of integrating and harmonising (the) art(s) and (the) science(s); 2. the study and knowledge of relations between (the) art(s) and (the) science(s); between artists and scientists. Hence, artiscient: ar'tisiənt adj. exhibiting or practising artiscience.


To Promote Artiscience and an Artiscient Approach to the World to Benefit of Individuals, Culture and Society.

In the furtherance of this Mission, the Strategic Aims of the Artiscience Library & Reading Room in particular are:

1. To ensure the Preservation and Development and to make available the world-class collections it contains.

2. To support Research and Education which will inform and promote recognition of artiscience as a paradoxically specialised discipline in its own right.

3. To provide a Venue for small to medium-sized meetings and other events where artiscient matters can be addressed.

4. To disseminate News of and Articles arising from these activities to benefit the wider community and to encourage ongoing engagement with the Library.

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