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This podcast focuses on the relatively recently formed “Edinburgh Futures Institute” of the University of Edinburgh, housed in the former Royal Infirmary building at Quartermile, in discussion with two of the senior participants in its development, Owen Kelly, OBE, its Deputy Director, and Professor Dr Richard Morris, CBE, FRS, neuroscientist and co-recipient of The Brain Prize, 2016.

The recording is structured in three sections: first, their responses to my asking about their personal early formation, in childhood and youth with respect to the arts and sciences; second, their experiences and paths to their present roles; and third, selected distinguishing features of the EFI and prospects for its own Future.

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In this conversation with Michael Robert Jackson, MBBS, BSc (Hons), FRCR, we discuss the role of the radiologist in medical imaging and aspects of his forthcoming book on Radiology, Art & Science (title to be determined). In particular, Michael talks about how the history of visual art and film shall be incorporated in his narrative, making the contents accessible to a broad range of readers.

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  • Colin Sanderson

Updated: May 26

I am delighted to announce the first podcast episode: "A Conversation with Roger Malina". As one of the most knowledgeable and experienced voices on relations between the arts, science and technology, he here gives an international perspective. He was, therefore, a great first guest for this new series.

In the course of our wide-ranging discussion, Roger also mentions briefly another two of the Senior Associates of the Artiscience Library: Joe Davis and Roy Ascott, to whom greetings and best wishes. Roger also highlights the seminar he has directed, which shall be repeated next year: Experimental Program in Publishing and Curating (ExPuCu), at UT Dallas. The "Artiscience Podcast" is produced and edited by Bianka Hofmann.

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